The best bike paths in Bern

Bern is a truly cycle-friendly city. Local residents love their bikes and aren't put off by rain or snow. So it's no surprise that the cycle paths in and around Bern are particularly well maintained and appealing.

Whether you opt for long-distance cycle route 888 or a leisurely family ride, Switzerland's green capital has something for all bike lovers.



Bern's "Grünes Band" (green belt) – a cycle route for young and old


Close to the city yet with a rural feel, the Grünes Band is a varied 59-kilometre circular route around Bern. Discover a range of signposted activity spots and find out fascinating and surprising facts about nature and farming, surrounded by stunning scenery.

This popular cycle ride in Bern can easily be split into sections so you have more time to take in the array of activity spots along the way. And if you work up an appetite with all that cycling, you can stop off at one of the delightful farm shops, guesthouses or cafés for a tasty treat.

The best way to get to route 888 is by e-bike. You can also access various points along the route by public transport. Since this Bern-based bike ride doesn't have an official starting point or finish, you can choose where you want to set off, which direction to ride, and how far you want to go.

Special tip: We recommend fully charging your e-bike battery before your cycle ride around Bern and taking along a spare battery if necessary. If you do need to recharge your battery along the way, you'll find a large number of charging points marked with a green "888" – generally linked to a restaurant where you can make the most of your wait by sampling some local specialities.


Bike paths in Bern: cycling with children


Bern offers families with children a host of traffic-free routes so you can get where you want to go safely and stress-free.

Bremgarten forest is ideal for family cycle rides around Bern. This fabulous route starts and finishes at the Bernmobil Länggasse bus stop. Right next to the bus stop, you'll also find one of the city's best-known play areas, Halenbrunnen.

The cycle route heads through Bremgarten forest on wide, flat gravel paths to the Glasbrunnen drinking water fountain. Thought to be a place of mystical powers with magically healing waters, it's the perfect spot to refill your water bottle and recharge your own batteries before heading back full of energy through the woods to the play area.

Another attractive cycle ride in Bern heads through the Gäbelbachtäli valley: The route can be taken at a leisurely pace, making it especially suitable for families with young children. The starting point is the Hohlenacker tram stop. From there, head downhill past the high-rise buildings before turning right onto the forest path. You and your children will love all the little bays in the Gäbelbach stream. At the end of the ride, you can relax and enjoy a snack at the Eymatt campsite restaurant.


Cycle tour of Bern's old town


Do you want to explore Bern and its places of interest in a different way? This wonderful cycle couriers' tour of Bern takes you off to less-frequented streets, stunning viewpoints and impressive churches. You can also start this ride at any point along the route – have a great time and make some memorable moments!